Join a small group of men from Ft Thomas to help the children of Nepal.

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This October, a small group of men from Ft Thomas are headed to Nepal. Crossroads Church has been tackling the issue of forced prostitution and human slavery in India and Nepal for years. We’ve made progress, but the fight is huge. Now we’re taking that fight to the hills, the poorest villages in Nepal, the source of many trafficked children.

David Valentine, Will Backscheider, Scott Colvill, Bill Lorenz, and John Homer would love your support in this fight. To donate to the trip, simply search by last name HERE.

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the work

A team of about 30 men will be partnering with Crossroads and Five14 in Nepal to build schools in remote mountain villages. Providing basic infrastructure to these impoverished towns helps stem the tide of trafficking. It’s a small stab at a huge problem, but a stab none the less.

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You should go

The October trip is full, but another trip like this is happening in July of 2019. Trust me when I say that this is an experience you will never forget. Consider going and joining the fight. Find out more about the trip here.


Why not buy a sweet photo?

John Homer, FTC regular and all around amazing guy, is currently selling his gorgeous photography as another way you can help support this trip. John will be doing family portraits in the villages (and probably one or two sweet landscape shots of the Himalayas!). Stop in and buy a print.